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A Few Of Our Endorsers...

Shawn Everett

Unfairchild is by far the best compressor I own. Before I actually owned one I had the opportunity to use one on a Kacey Musgraves record. I realized that I had printed almost every track in every session through the compressor. I realized I had to own one. Since then I’ve been using it all day and every day since. Two weeks ago I started a new project and I used it on my mix buss. When I was finishing my mixes I went to a studio with an original Fairchild. I A/B’d the two mixes and immediately chose the Unfairchild. This compressor is worth it’s weight in gold. Amazing!!

Jacquire King

Eric and my friendship goes way back… years ago I engineered for and along side him... he has always been a no compromises sonic master. It’s that passion and attention to detail without limit that is his inspiration to create the UTA gear that we can now all own. Not only is it some of the best sounding equipment you can record with, but it’s remarkable in it’s innovative design and application. If you don’t have at least one piece of UTA's lineup you are missing out. Hats off to it’s creator.

Kid Harpoon

I wanted a Fairchild for years, but they’re so expensive. I finally got the chance to use the UnFairchild next to the an old one and it was impossible to tell the difference so I didn’t look back. So far we’ve been using this on Vocals, Bass, Drum Overheads and whole mixes and it’s blowing everything out of the water. It gives us extra low end when we need it and the extra features make it feel pretty great in a modern setup too. Everything I wanted from a Fairchild and more. If all else fails it makes a great companion for meditation.