Multi-Bus Analog Summing


The Ultimate Hybrid Mixing Setup

The Pyra-Sum is a passive summing mixer that has what other summing mixers don't: multiple cascading busses. This bussing architecture allows you to truly have the sound and workflow of a large format console but with even more sonic flexibility and in a much smaller format. We've left out any active circuitry, which means that you have total control of the coloration that's added in the makeup gain stages—it also means you'll need to use this with eight of your own preamps. Want a different sound? Swap the preamps. You could use Neve's or API's for that 70s sound.  Tube RCA preamps for that 50s sound.  UTA preamps for a size and musicality that has never existed before.  Or, since the preamps are inserted after each stage of summing, you can mix and match— API's on the drums, UTA preamps on the music, Neve's on the vocals, etc. The sonic possibilities are endless.

Different Faceplates For Different Applications

We've made available two different faceplate styles to choose from at time of purchase. When designing what's best for your setup, the choice is yours.

Watch the Video

Want to learn more? Watch UTA founder Eric Valentine go through all of the features, and provide listening examples.


Pyra-Sum Manual v1.3.pdf
Pyra-Sum One Sheet.pdf