The Legendary

Undertone EQ

Now in 500 series

We can now ALL have the

the amazing sound and

flexibility of the UTA console

EQ in a 500 series package.

The UTA console EQ and 

subsequent MPEQ-1 channel

strip have been recognized

for their exceptional vintage

musicality and extraordinary 


Imagine having a 500 series

EQ that can replicate the 

shape or curve of any other 

hardware EQ made.  


The 500 series format makes

this extraordinary EQ design

more accesible for all.


Quick Video

As the most flexible 500 series EQ on the market,

the UTEQ500 has a ton of functionality. Watch UTA foudner 

Eric Valentine try to sum it up as quickly as he can.

Deep Dive Video

Dive deeper into the features and functions of the new UTEQ500 equalizer, including demonstrations of how you can replicate the EQ moves of 4 different iconic vintage EQs.


UTEQ500 WTF Guide v1.0.pdf
UTEQ500 Manual v1.0.pdf