Trying to keep things as UnFair as possible



The UNFa-1 Accessory Box is an add-on to the UnFairchild 670M II vari-mu tube compressor/limiter. It adds a whole new world of flexibility and function to the already versatile recreation of the Fairchild circuit. There were certain features that didn’t make sense to have included in the UnFairchild design because it would have strayed too far from the mission of faithfully recreating the original Fairchild circuit. Being outside the boundaries of the original Fairchild circuit doesn’t make these new features any less desirable. An optional add on product was and is the perfect solution. With these added features, UnFairchild users can have an authentic hardware recreation of the legendary vintage musicality of an original Fairchild WITH a level of control and flexibility that many plugins don’t even offer. It is truly unfair.

Added Features

Watch the Video

Watch UTA founder Eric Valentine give a quick rundown of all of the features of the UNFa-1 Accessory Box


UNFa-1 Manual V1.2.pdf
UNFa-1 Recall Sheet.pdf